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Chinese Caution Signs, A Retrospective

Caution signs are one of my joys in life. China is no slough when it comes to amazing, nonsensical pictures that are either very clear or not remotely so.


Not at all clear. Even in context.

Very clear!


Seriously no idea. The road was slanting downward in the direction of the sign.

Yes. I wish I had taken a picture of the very obvious fire alarm right next to it.

I began to think that all falling in China involved turning completely upside down.

Construction. No dumping your cat litter. Got it.

In case the operation of a sink eludes you.

There was a small stream in this touristy place. I'm quite sure an inordinate amount of people fall in it drunkenly. So stereotypes! Children! Don't do it!

I hope you enjoyed the caution signs of China as much as I did. They warned me to do things, not do things, confused the hell out of me - it was a good time.

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1 Comment

Ellen Anderson
Ellen Anderson
Jan 21, 2019

Really glad you're sharing this amazing trip! I'm in vicarious love with China, and of course, love you and Greta Madly!

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