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Radio ready" is a term the recording industry has kicked around for years to describe the process of smashing, rounding the edges, and sucking the life from what would otherwise be called music in order for it to play better on the air waves. In the age of digital distribution, garage-pressed vinyl, and glorious live recordings RadioUnready rejects this term and strives to create the greatest sonic quality possible for your medium. The RadioUnready philosophy is in direct response to the caging of sound from A&R’s of yore - their outdated bummer of a marketing style has no place in a world where we can listen to nearly anything at any moment on a vast galaxy of devices. Don’t let the past hold your music in its lifeless clutches, let it be bold! Subtle! Dynamic across all platforms!  (Because yes, it will sound terrific on the radio as well.)

RadioUnready is audio engineer Christopher Andersen. He has been recording and mixing music since 2004, working on numerous albums, basement tapes, and live recordings. He was a partner with Banana Stand Media for over 10 years, recording live music in their secret location and local venues, in order to document the wide and vibrant Portland music scene of the aughts. In 2012 he helped redesign the music room at the newly re-opened Alberta Street Pub in Northeast Portland. He ran sound, booked musicians, curated shows, and recorded live albums at the venue for over 5 years. His credits include Kat Fountain, John Craigie, Cedar Teeth, Austin Quattlebaum, Jack Dwyer, and many more. Chris is currently doing audio production, sound design, and drinking too much tea in his studio in Southeast Portland.



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