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Live records are a relatively inexpensive way to capture your music, as well as the true life and feel of your performances. For a fraction of the cost of a studio album you can add another record to your touring toolkit. Whether we record at a house show or make arrangements with your favorite venue, RadioUnready is here to record, mix, and master your live albumn. Proprietor Christopher Andersen has more than 10 years experience with live recording/production in basements, clubs, and stranger places still.  See our Services page or call/email for a quote. This service is also available in non-live settings if you have a favorite house, tugboat, abandoned movie theater or other location where you want to record!

Up to 30 tracks of recording with flexible FOH and monitor options to work with your location or preferred venue. High quality microphones, cabling, preamps, as well as top-notch conversion will ensure your live show is captured with a remarkable level of detail. Forget stashing your field recorder by the sound desk - this is how a live record should sound.

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